Mani of the Week: Eyeko Red Hot Saucy Polish

There is nothing better than a classic red polish, for me. It goes with everything and looks classy as well as a little retro and rebellious. This red from Eyeko – my first experience of using Eyeko make-up – is just the true brick red that I prefer, I’m not too keen on blue or pink undertones on a red.

One coat of this polish is opaque – so if you’re in a hurry, it’s great for a quick polish. It dries quickly and you can paint one coat on as you dash out of the door and it’ll be dry by the time you get to the bus stop!

I’d still add a second coat later if you want longevity from your polish as two coats will keep it chip free for longer.

You can find the Eyeko Red Hot Saucy Polish on-line at Eyeko. And if you use my Ambassador’s code (in the left-hand panel) when you make an order, you’ll help earn me a little commission and also a free gift for yourself, so I’m told!

It’s not just nail polish that Eyeko do, indeed I have been checking out their make-up selection and came across this cream that sounds just the sort of multi-functional make-up that one needs for travel:

Eyeko Tinted CreamFor radiant skin and a sun kissed glow try NEW Eyeko 3-in-1 Tinted Cream. Treat skin to the same luxuriously whipped texture made with super hydrating Jojoba boosted with antioxidants Vitamins A & E plus Vitamin C for a luminous finish as our No.1 bestseller Eyeko Cream:

Of course, let me know if you buy anything and what you buy!


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