How to… make a hotel room feel like home

As I get ready to go to Paris next week and I start to think about what I’ll need to pack, I got to thinking about hotel rooms and how – no matter how luxurious – they often feel impersonal. But I realised that it might only take a little careful packing for my hotel room to feel like a home away from home. I read somewhere – and I cannot for the life of me remember where – that when Kate Moss travels she lights candles in her hotel room and throws a scarf or two over the chairs to make it feel more homely. So when I saw the lovely little travel candle in its very own tin in Habitat, I knew I had to have it for my trip to Paris.

1. Take a scented candle or room spray or even your favourite plug-in with you. It will make your room smell lovely and less sanitised, as they often do. A candle – like the travel candle from Habitat – will also help to light the room a little less harshly and aid relaxation.

2. On this note, pack your favourite bath oils. Or if you don’t normally have baths at home, treat yourself to some luxury bath oils from Molton Brown. A holiday is supposed to be a time to unwind, so when better to relax in a bath?

3. If you’re planning on spending a fair amount of time in your hotel room – relaxing, reading, listening to music – pack your favourite and most cosy slippers, like these snuggly slippers from Monsoon. This is particularly pertinent if you are holidaying in the northern hemisphere in the next six months or so!

4. As above, take a blanket or a poncho – like this one from H&M – to wrap yourself up in when you’re in bed, or just in your room. It was make you feel comfortable and cosy.

5. Everyone loves a bit of music and whether you’re on a girls’ weekend, a romantic weekend or a business trip alone, make sure you have the right music with you by taking along your iPod.

How do you relax in your hotel room when you’re away? Do you relish the fact that it isn’t home? Or do you try to recreate that homely feel?

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1 Response to How to… make a hotel room feel like home

  1. two birds says:

    Great ideas! I have that H&M poncho and it does indeed make everything cozier! Have fun in Paris!

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