"supermarket shopping is the future"

The iconic BIBA collection that made her famous might have just relaunched at House of Fraser at prices that have left it out the reach of many, but Barbara Hulanicki claims that, “When [she] launched BIBA [in the 1960s] the philosophy was to make fashion affordable”. With this in mind the designer has teamed up with Geroge at ASDA for a collection that will be just that: affordable. Indeed, of the supermaket chain’s fashion line, Hulanicki said:

“George is democratising fashion. Everyone should be able to enjoy fashion, and so supermarket shopping is the future. You can buy something, and then hide it from your husband in the fridge!”

Of course, that final sentiment appealed to me, a lot!

The first, of five collections over the next year, will launch on 14 November ladies, so make a note in your diaries now. 14 pieces will make up this collection which will be priced between £8 and £25 – what a bargain?!

According the the information provided by George: “The eagerly aniticipated collection, which marries Barbara’s signature, quirky style with George’s ability to deliver stylish designs at incredibly low prices … [and] fuses this season’s trends perfectly – made up of a selection of prints and materials ranging from stripes to animal print, chiffon to knitwear and ruffles and to slim legged cigarette pants and a wider flare…”

To say I am excited by the prospect of this collection would be an understatement. Ladies, sharped your elbows, I’ll be the one pushing you out of the way as I scramble to get my hands on a piece of this!

What do you think of the designer collections on the high street?


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