SHOE SEARCH: legs, bums and… trainers!

As the summer leaves this fair land of ours and sandals and flip flops are banished for another year, why not invest in a pair of new trainers for the cooler weather? This year has been the year of the tone-up trainer and there are a number of trainers on the market now that claim to help you tone your legs and bum as you walk.

Earlier this year, I trialed Reebok’s Easytone trainers and can vouch that I certainly felt the burn after wearing them, even for short periods.

Get a pair of these trainers now and by next summer, you’ll be bikini and shorts ready – without breaking a sweat!

First up are Reebok’s Easytone trainers: Reebok’s patented muscle-toning balance pod sole technology creates a slight instability, much like walking on sand. This instability encourages toning through increased muscle activation in three key areas of the leg. Up to 28%.

These trainers are recommended only for walking. But Reebok have now created RunTone trainers for those who want an increased work out from their run: Compared to a traditional running shoe, RunTone’s 8 pods of moving air encourage more activation in key leg muscles like calves and quads and also helps to reduce overall body stress.

Reebok have also created their TrainTone trainers which boast to help you get a better butt and better legs with every step of your workout:

Of course, Reebok aren’t the only trainers on the market that aim to help you tone up. Skechers have also got in on the act with their Shape-Up trainers: Thanks to their unique kinetic platform heel and dynamic rolling sole, these revolutionary trainers from Sketchers call upon your muscles, allowing you to strengthen without any additional effort.

For me, however, Skechers Shape-Ups have come up with the best option for toning up this autumn. These cute boots will go with almost everything in my wardrobe AND tone my legs and bum as I go about my daily duties, like shopping!

What do you think of these toning shoes? Will you be investing this autumn? Have you already? Tell me, tell me!

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