Sardinia #4: Cagliari

For our 10 day trip to Sardinia included a four night stay in the island’s capital, Cagliari. The old town is lovely for a wander. Cagliari boasts the longest urban beach in Europe, at over 7 km!

Here are a few of our photographs from this part of our stay in the city:

Bastione San Remy affords views of the city, across the cathedral and to the coastline:

This is the church and alley right by our bed and breakfast in the old town:

Another church:

More photos on their way – but not too many more, I promise!

And remember, if you find yourself in Cagliari, don’t forget to check out our favourite restaurant: here.


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One Response to Sardinia #4: Cagliari

  1. FortyNotOut says:

    Wow.. just beautiful. I have a real thing about going to Italy at the moment having never been. Your pictures are inspiring me! xxx

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