Sardinia #1: food and drink

When the boyf and I go on holiday, our main activities are eating and drinking. Our recent trip to Sardinia was no exception.

Days began with caffè:

And days finished with birra:

Somewhere in between, a lot of gelato was inevitably consumed:

And in Cagliari, we discovered the most amazing fish restaurant: Lapola, on vico Barcellona, is a little gem. Vico Barcellona is a tiny hidden back street in the old town. The restaurant owners are two young Italians who are clearly passionate about the food they are serving. Because it is essentially a trattoria, there is no menu but the owners will be happy to go through the dishes of the day with you. They even speak English. You have a choice from six antipasti; either choose one or go for a taste of all six. We did both options on the two occasions we went and, I can highly recommend going for the taste of all six options. I even discussed that I love mussels. Then there are two (pasta) first course options and two second course options; you can either have one of each or just one of either. We had sea bass (from the second course options) on the first night and the second night we went for a pasta option, I had an amazing dish of pasta with cherry tomatoes and clams. Yum.

For dessert, we were presented with this very attractive dish. The dish contained a sorbetto for each of us. The sorbetto is a lemon sherbet melted sorbet which is a perfect pallet cleanser. (I’ve actually found a recipe for a sorbetto which I might try very soon. Watch this space.) There was also a bottle of mirto which is a typical Sardinian liqueur obtained from the myrtle plant. It is quite delicious.

A plate of Sardinian sweet treats was also served up with the sorbetti and mirto but I didn’t want to get my camera out again as the restaurant is pretty cosy.

There are many more photos from the holiday that I want to show you but they will have to wait as I am still going through them myself. But make sure to check back soon.

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