How to… pack light for 10 days in the sun


I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it: the boyf and I only paid for one piece of checked in baggage so I decided to take the little suitcase I’d had as hand luggage for my weekend – two days (!!!) – in Paris in May as my luggage for our summer holiday. Both the boyf and I were sceptical that it would work but the only other alternative was that we took my massive suitcase which is pink and that the boyf always complains about carrying because of the colour!! But it was surprisingly easy in the end.

In the months leading up to the holiday I went a little mad buying beach cover-up after beach cover-up. Well, turns out they take up surprisingly little room in my suitcase! As it is going to be hot, I have decided to do without my usual pair of jeans and have opted to pack a couple of pairs of leggings “just in case”. I have also thrown in a couple of cardigans for the evenings when I might be glad of something to cover me up. My six bikinis really have taken up next to no room. As I only have sandals and flip flops, there’s no need for socks. On that note, sandals and flip flops, I have discovered, pack very flat indeed.

Next up were my toiletries, which is where I figured the fun would really start. But again, I have been surprised. After years of collecting travel-sized bottles of everything they have finally come in handy! I’ve put together a travel-sized kit of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion. I have also cut down on my make-up, realising that I never really wear any on holiday anyway; I decided that this year I wouldn’t pack it all – knowing this – and still not wear it. Mascara, skin tint, blusher and an SPF tinted lip balm will do me thanks. The only thing that will really take up a lot of room is my sun screen but I have a cunning plan – to con the boyf into taking it for me!!

I rarely rarely use my hairdryer and straighteners when I take them on holiday – it is usually too hot to worry about that. So this year I have stolen my sister’s travel hairdryer and have invested in some tiny travel straighteners so I have something to style my hair with if I really need it in the evenings.

As you read this, I’ve probably just about landed at my destination. See you in 10 days lovelies (I’ll try to blog whilst away, but no promises).

Love, SG

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  1. Sanchia says:

    Have a great time! :)Love Sanchia xxx

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