Italian Phrase of the Day: vorrei noleggiare un pedalò

Vorrei noleggiare un pedalò = I would like to hire a pedalo

Il lago di Molveno was my very first experience of Italian lakes when I arrived for my year abroad in 2004. I fell in love immediately. It was a balmy September and the lakes provided a welcome escape from the heat of the towns. The following summer, I spent most weekends at the different lakes in the region. The best way to enjoy the water of the lakes is to hire a pedalo and drift off into the water, before jumping off for a cooling swim.

Dov’è la migliore spiaggia? = Where is the best beach?
Vorrei noleggiare una barca = I would like to hire a boat
Posso fare immersioni? = Can I dive here?
Posso fare surf? = Can I surf here?
Avete ombrelloni? = Do you have parasols?
Avete crema solare? = Do you have sun screen?
Avete un tavolo fuori, per favore? = Do you have a table outside, please?
È caldo, non è vero? = It’s hot, isn’t it?

Have you been to the beach this summer? If so, where did you go? I’d love to hear all about your holidays!

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