Italian Phrase of the Day: Vorrei un biglietto per Roma

Vorrei un biglietto per … (Roma) = I’d like a ticket to … (Rome)

Today’s lesson – which I realise is a little later than usual – is buying tickets. I have always been told that public transport in Italy is terrible – by Italians. My experience tells me this is not the case – I think that the Italian railway network is fabulous for travel around the country. The first thing to realise is that there are different “classes” of train: The regionale (R) which are the cheapest and slowest, in that they stop at almost every stop, however I have also found them the most reliable – they also, often, have proper old fashioned carriages, like those seen in Harry Potter! The interregionale (IR) trains are pretty much the same are the regionale with maybe a little more in the way of amenities. Intercity (IC) and Eurocity (EC) trains are one and the same really – they tend to stop less and be more expensive; the only difference is that the Eurocity trains connect Italian cities to “international” destinations, for example, Zurich to Florence and Verona to Munich. Intercity Notte (ICN) and Eurocity Notte (ECN) trains are again, the same but travel through the night and provide sleeping berths, which must be booked. Finally, EuroStar (ES) trains – not the same as those that connect London with Paris (!!) – are the creme de la creme of the Italian railway network, however, beware – I have only ever been late (i.e. once missed a flight!) due to the EuroStar service! These trains are, obviously, more expensive than the others and, as such, provide a clean and spacious carriage experience. These trains connect big cities and does not stop at any smaller stations. Now, you need to know how to buy tickets for your train journey:

Dov’è la biglietteria? = Where’s the ticket office?
Vorrei due biglietti per … (Firenze), per favore = I’d like to have two tickets to … (Florence), please
Vorrei un biglietto per la metropolitana, per favore = I’d like to have one ticket to the subway, please
Posso comprare i biglietti per l’autobus qui? = Can I buy bus tickets here?
Un biglietto di solo andata per … (Milano), per favore = A one-way ticket to … (Milan), please
Un biglietto andata e ritorno, per favore = A return ticket, please.
Devo cambiare? = Do I have to change?


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