Italian Phrase of the Day: dov’è il gabinetto?

Dov’è il gabinetto? = Where is the toilet?

Directions is today’s subject. You don’t want to be getting lost on your holidays, so here I will give you the phrases and names of the places you might need to find.

Dov’è …? = Where is …?
la banca = the bank
l’albergo = hotel
police station = il posto di polizia
l’Internet point = internet cafe
l’ufficio postale = post office
la stazione ferroviaria = train station
la stazione d’autobus = bus station
il telefono pubblico = public telephone
la farmacia = pharmacy
l’armadietti per i bagagli = luggage lockers
il parco = park
l’ospedale = hospital
la drogheria = grocery store
l’aeroporto = airport
la fermata d’autobus = bus stop

È … = It is …
dietro … = behind …
lontano = far away
qui = here
davanti a … = in front of …
a sinistra = left
vicino (a) … = near (to) …
accanto a … = next to …
all’angolo = on the corner
di fronte a … = opposite …
a destra = right
sempre diritto = straight ahead
là = there

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