Italian Phrase of the Day: buongiorno il mondo

Buongiorno il mondo = Good morning world

Breakfast is – as they say – the most important meal of the day. This is no less true in Italy but don’t expect “A Full English”. The Italian breakfast light but well.

Unsurprisingly, coffee is the most important part of an Italian breakfast. And no one does coffee better than the Italians.

Until I spent a year in Italy I couldn’t drink coffee. Now – as anyone who follows me on Twitter will know – I can’t last more than a couple of hours without another mug of the stuff.

There are various “rules” when it comes to coffee drinking in Italy although I didn’t find them to be too hard and fast.

Milk based coffees, like cappucino and latte macchiato – my favourite – tend to be breakfast drinks and most Italians will not drink them after 11am. They are “too heavy on the stomach” – due to the milk!

An espresso is probably the most popular of the Italian coffees. Drunk at the bar – where it is cheaper – and knocked back like a shot or after a meal. A caffè macchiato is basically an espresso with a dash of foamed milk.

For a more “normal” coffee, ask for a caffé americano which is an espresso served in a larger cup with hot water on the side to top it up. Ask for latte too, if you wish.

If, like me, coffee isn’t really your thing, try a latte macchiato. Macchiato literally means stained or marked. So a caffè macchiato is a coffee marked with milk, whilst a latte macchiato is a steamed milk marked with a little espresso.

Of course, a coffee does not make a breakfast, even in Italy. Their most popular breakfast treat is similar to a French croissant but often come with a flavoured filling. These croissant are called brioche. If a plain croissant is more your thing, simply ask for una brioche naturale. But you may like to try – my favourite – una brioche con crema = a croissant with a sort of creamy custard. Or how about una brioche con marmellata = a croissant with marmalade (more of an apricot jam). Or maybe una brioche con cioccolata = a croissant with chocolate.

Does the Italian breakfast tempt you?

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