Italian Phrase of the Day: Ciao, mi chiamo Shopgirl

Ciao, mi chiamo Shopgirl = Hi, my name is Shopgirl

Now. You know how to shop and how to order something to eat and how to order something to drink. But what about if you’re having that something to drink and a handsome Italian man – or beautiful Italain woman – catches your eye across the bar, what would you say? Today’s lesson is all about introducing yourself:

Ciao = Hi/bye
Come ti chiami? = What is your name?
Mi chiamo … = My name is …
Quanti anni hai? = How old are you?
Piace = Pleasure (to meet you)
Ho … anni = I’m … years old (for the numbers, remember this lesson)
Da dove sei? = Where are you from?
Sono da … = I’m from …
Inglaterra = England
Scozia = Scotland
Galles = Wales
Irlanda = Ireland
Come stai? = How are you? (informal)
Come sta? = How are you? (formal)
Sto bene = I’m well
Sono stanco = I’m tired
Ho fame = I’m hungry
Che cosa fai qua? = What are you doing here?
Sono in vacanza = I am on holiday

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