Italian Phrase of the Day: Uno, Due, Tre

It seems that now would be as good a time as any to learn the numbers, so that you can understand how much that gorgeous Gucci handbag is, or that early evening glass of prosecco.

1 uno

2 due
3 tre
4 quattro
5 cinque
6 sei
7 sette
8 otto
9 nove
10 dieci
11 undici
12 dodici 
13 tredici 
14 quattordici
15 quindici
16 sedici
17 diciassette
18 diciotto
19 diciannove
20 venti
21 ventuno
22 ventidue
23 ventitré
24 ventiquattro
25 venticinque
26 ventisei
27 ventisette
28 ventotto
29 ventinove
30 trenta
31 trentuno
32 trentadue
33 trentatré
40 quaranta
50 cinquanta
60 sessanta
70 settanta
80 ottanta
90 novanta
100 cento

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