Italian Phrase of the Day: prendo gli spaghetti alla bolognese

Prendo gli spaghetti alla bolognese = I’ll have the spaghetti bolognese

After yesterday’s drinking session, we now need some food. With the prevalence of Italian restaurants in the UK, an Italian menu is no longer as daunting as it might once have been. However some dishes might not look all that familiar and you still need to be able to order them!

An Italian menu will normally be divided into five or six sections: antipasti (starters), pasta (pasta!), pizza (sometimes, pizza), secondi (mains), contorno (sides) and dolci (desserts). Often pasta is seen as what we would call a starter, with antipasti as a sort of “taster”, the pasta is then followed by a fish or meat course with a side. But do not feel compelled to follow this, I normally go for a pizza or spaghetti alla bolognese. Boring but delicious.

Prendo… = I’ll have… (literally, I’ll take…)
Vorrei… = I’d like…
Pollo = chicken
Vitello = veal
Salmone = salmon
Gamberetti = prawns
Gamberoni = king prawns
Branzino/spigola = sea bass
Maiale = pork
Bistecca = beef steak
Filletto = fillet
Il conto = the bill

Today, I have even found you a traditional Italian menu with explanations of the dishes for you to peruse before you go.
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