Italian phrase of the Day: posso provare?

Posso provare…? = can I try (it) on …? (here you may add what you would like to try on, or leave it as it is)

Today’s lesson is all about shopping. Yes, here at Sugar & Spice we love to shop, so it is important that we can partake in this activity wherever we find ourselves:

Desidera? = have you decided?
Altro? = Anything else?
Mi piace… = I like (it)… (as before, you may add what it is you like, or leave it as it is)
Quanto costa…? = how much (is it)…? (again, as before)
È troppo… = it is too…
Grande = big
Piccolo/a = small

Come back tomorrow to learn how to say the different items of clothing that you might be trying on.

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