Beauty Review: Dove Visible Care Creme Body Wash

I wasn’t sure that I really believed the adverts when I first bought the Dove Visible Care Creme Body Wash. But it works. It really does.

I am lazy and that means that when it comes to moisturising, I don’t. In the winter that’s not so bad as I’m all covered up but come summer and short sleeves and no tights, I have a problem. A flaky skin problem. Which is not very attractive.

This summer was no different. So when I saw the adverts for the Dove Visible Care Creme Body Wash I couldn’t help but be a little bit excited. I have to shower, right? And whilst in the shower I use a body wash, right? So now I could exactly what I was doing and still not bother mositurise and my flaky skin would be a thing of the past. It was worth a go.

A month on and I am still using the body wash. I was surprised at how quickly my arms looked better. I even stopped using it for a few days and the flakes came back! I have got a bit better at moisturising my legs but I will not stop using this body wash.

10 out of 10 Dove, thank you very much.

Have you tried Dove’s Visible Care Creme Body Wash? If so, what did you think? What is your shower/post-shower regime? Are you lazy, like me? Or are you a bathroom goddess?

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