Something for the Weekend #5: 30/07/2010

I know that a lot of blogs already do this and indeed even our very own Independent Fashion Bloggers has their own Links à la Mode and now I propose to have my own Weekly Links series.

This week:

♥ Why not check out Good Life For Less’ Guide to Better Blogging?

♥ And Rachel Phipps’ Top Ten Websites For Fashion Bloggers

♥ Discover a new blog with an exciting daily mission: at New Dress A Day Marisa seeks to create a new dress each day with only a $1 a day: read all about the project here.

♥ Visit my Stylish Sister’s brand sparkling new website – Sew Beautiful Designs – which very soon will have all of her wonderful handmade stock right there for you to buy.

♥ There’s a new Asos Magazine out now and there’s no need to clutter the place up with more magazines – you can read it online. This month’s cover girl is one of our very own Style Icons, Olivia Palermo.

♥ Whether this is your first visit to Sugar & Spice or you’re a regular reader, if you like what you’re reading maybe you’d kindly consider nominating my little blog for the first ever Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in the Fashion & Style section?

Of course, I’d love you to check out my favourite blog posts from the past week:

♥ Check out what’s in My Jewellery Box;

♥ Share in my joy at finding a maxi dress that actually fits;

♥ Join the debate, what do you think? Delivery costs: fair enough or enough’s enough?

And one final reason to be happy that it’s the weekend: it’s pay day today.

Have a good weekend one and all. And, if you have a post you’d like me to read this week, email it to me or leave a link in the comments here.

Photos from: New Dress A Day; Rachel Phipps; Sugar and Spice; Sugar and Spice


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