Delivery costs: fair enough or enough’s enough?

Internet shopping has come into its own in recent years. I remember just a few years back, I’d never have dreamed of shopping online and now it’s become second nature. Of course, I’d never completely give up the thrill of a little “real” retail therapy but online shopping is always there as a back-up.

The one thing that has always put me off shopping online is the delivery charges. Sure, I understand that it costs money to send the clothes and that I’d normally have to pay bus fare/train fare/petrol and parking to get to my favourite high street stores but it does make you wonder when one shop charges £4 for your clothes to arrive in what is little more than a plastic bag and another charges you nothing for their clothes to arrive with you in double quick time and beautifully presented in tissue paper and a box. The latter is All Saints. Their clothes might be more expensive but their presentation makes it worth it. recently introduced the option of FREE standard delivery, whilst still providing a faster, paid service. I think this is the perfect way to do it. If you need something quickly and efficiently then we’re all willing to pay the price but when it’s a £2 ring that caught our eye in the sale, we’re not to prepared to make that £6 with the postage.

I know that I am much more likely to make an impulse buy on line if the postage if free and that if I have to pay for it, I am often a lot more sensible about where I spend my pennies.

I asked some fellow bloggers for their opinions on the subject. The consensus was that “the cost [of delivery] often doesn’t make clicking “buy” worthwhile”. My feeling that impulse buying was less likely: “when I only want one, inexpensive item, and the delivery charge gets added on, it’s not worth the purchase”. I was also interested by the opinion of one blogger that “I am always put off when there is a delivery charge, because it adds to the expense of the item you are buying – especially if it’s on sale”.

What are your thoughts on shipping charges for online shopping? How much are you prepared to pay?

Special thanks to those fabulous bloggers who shared their thoughts on this subject with me: Connie of Sogni e Sorrisi; Maria of Frills ‘n’ Spills; Leia of Leia’s Delights; Sherin of HiFashion and Laura of Side Street Style

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5 Responses to Delivery costs: fair enough or enough’s enough?

  1. laura emily says:

    I've used, and i've found the delivery costs to be reasonable, and you get luxury packaging for free. They use DHL which is reliable and comes quickly. I also love Amazon's free postage, it's a delight!

  2. Thanks for including my thoughts! xo

  3. Leia says:

    Great article! :)♥ Leia

  4. Online shopping doesn't come naturally to me and this is admittedly one of the reasons why.I caved in for some Prada stockings from Flannels but why did I have to pay the same, I think it was about £8, shipping for my £15 socks as someone would for a large handbag. I've been put of small accessory purchases on net-a-porter by the £10 delivery as well.Florrie x

  5. I shop online on a regular basis, although I think twice about shipping charges before buying. There are some items that are too small/inexpensive to justify shipping charges for, and some sites I stopped using because the shipping charges were ridiculous. Because I don't have a car, I also factor in the price of using either public transportation or a car-sharing service to get what I want. Sometimes the cost of shipping is only a couple of dollars more than going to get it myself (and saves me a trip), which makes buying online very convenient.

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