My jewellery box

Harriet of Where Is Harriet? recently wrote a post about how she stores her jewellery and it got me thinking about my own rather haphazard jewellery box arrangements.

Here is my jewellery “box”:

This is my dressing table assortment: a box from Camden Market which I got for £1, a swan ring holder from my grandmother and a stylish black hand from Topshop.

This is a box which  a friend gave me for my birthday years ago that now sits amongst all of my make-up and toiletries and now houses my bangles, including my new Next bangle.

After months of having to untangle my necklaces every morning I decided to take action and put these hooks up.

This little basket is home to all of my hair accessories.

For my “overflow” jewellery I keep them in a Tupperware container. Not very chic.

This jewellery box was a find on one of my trips to London, from Muji. It’s brilliant and has some great compartments that can be interchanged, it’s just way too small for my jewellery obsession!

One of my best friends bought me this little box. Beautiful. It keeps some of my rings safe.

How do you store your jewellery?

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2 Responses to My jewellery box

  1. I have a nice collection of jewelry boxes and each one has meaning but now I am on the search for a jewelry armoire!

  2. Harriet says:

    ooh, thanks for mentioning me, I lvoe this post – your jewellary looks so organised compared to mine! I really like the idea of hanging all my necklaces up like that – hopefully they'd get less tangled!

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