Wishing the summer away: H&M A/W 2010

Anyone who’s anyone in the blogosphere seems to suddenly have been transported forward a few months to Autumn. I vowed that I wouldn’t join the masses and wish summer away too quickly. But I have been seduced by H&M’s autumnal tailoring.

Autumn/Winter 2010 at H&M is looking very elegant indeed – that is my work wear wardrobe sorted – with some volume thrown in for good measure.

The colour palette is grown-up; with beige and brown neutrals, black and grey and soft vegetable hues.

I have chosen my favourite pieces from the part of the collection I’ve seen so far:

This scarf will be the perfect trans-seasonal accessory – taking us from an Indian summer (here’s hoping!) to autumn.

Over-sized outerwear is a big trend for this autumn – stock up at H&M!

This trouser suit has a ’70s feel to it with the wide flares. It will be perfect for meetings on chilly mornings.

I can’t wait to get wrapped up in this cape. And aren’t those lace-up boots divine?

what do you think of the pieces? Hasn’t H&M done itself proud, again?

Are you wishing the summer away or do you just wish everyone who stop and enjoy the current season?


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5 Responses to Wishing the summer away: H&M A/W 2010

  1. I must have those pinstriped trousers. Must….

  2. I've got the oversized beige coat (which is not that beige in reality) : I can't wait for the cold to come !See U !

  3. Natasha says:

    Ah no, I'm already excited for Autumn, how back does this make me. For the first year ever, I'm quite happy to bypass Summer and get straight into Autumn – because I'm so excited by so many shop's A/W collections! H&M in particular excite me, I want to go shopping!!

  4. Rach says:

    I want it to be autumn already, Im sick of this swelteringness- I LIVE IN ENGLAND I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS!I also love the dark nights and leaves and cosiness of autumn

  5. maxi dress says:

    I love autumn because you can layer up with scarves and oversized jackets!! cant wait for autumn!!

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