Charity shop challenge

When I was reading last week’s Links a la Mode, I happened upon Blackdog Finds: Thrifted Outfit Challenge and it reminded me of something similar that I did last year – before this blog was even dreamed of.

One of my friends was working for a local newspaper here in South Wales and set me and another friend a charity shop challenge: to find a complete on-trend outfit for under £20.

If truth be told, I rarely shop in charity shops. This is for a couple of reasons: 1. I’m not very patient when I’m shopping and if I don’t find something in the first five minutes I tend to give up and go home and 2. it is sometimes really difficult to sift through the awful stuff and find the really good stuff. My mum is much better at charity shop shopping than me and she found me the boyfriend blazer that I wear all the time!

Albany Road in Cardiff – in the heart of the so-called “students-ville” and is a haven for charity shops – was our destination for the challenge. I had absolutely no idea what to expect or how to go about the challenge but was happy to give it a go.

It didn’t take me long to find a nautical-inspired cardigan in navy with gold anchor buttons for £3! Spot on-trend. I teamed the cardigan with some wide-legged sailor-inspired jeans, braces and a scarf.

I also managed to snag a Polaroid camera for £4! Bargain.

I am wearing: navy blue nautical cardigan £3, Pucci inspired scarf £1.50, navy blue canvas wedges £3, braces £1.50, high waisted jeans £5.50, Total = £14.50

To find out more about the challenge, you can read my friend’s blog post here or the newspaper article online here.

Do you shop in charity shops? What bargains do you get? What do you think of my nautical finds?


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One Response to Charity shop challenge

  1. Candycane says:

    I love finding bargains – and find that often if you go to the right shops .. you find some great things in Charity Shops, recently I got a dress that still had it's original price tag on .. £45 and I got it for £2.80!!!Sal xXx

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