Home Sweet Home

After today’s earlier post about Bardot In Blue‘s exquisite apartment and from reading Pink Bow‘s blog regularly and seeing photographs of her beautiful apartment, I decided to take a fresh look at my own flat. Despite what the boyf would say about the amount of clutter that we have in the flat, I happen to think that it is rather sparse of character and interest.

In the supermarket this evening, sunflowers were on offer – serendipity, as they are my favourite flowers. So I bought them. I had already bought a bouquet of flowers from a stall in town at the weekend, so I am now filling the flat with fresh cut flowers.

I thought I’d take some photographs of the flowers around the flat and the little areas in which they can be found:

I put one sunflower stem in a tall slim vase on my bedside table. The table also has a stand of necklaces and another of a selection of my cocktail rings. There is a tube of hand cream from my last trip to Paris, a Polaroid of the boyf and an alarm clock.

These are the flowers from the stall in town. I love the bright white colour.

Sunflowers are my absolute favourite flowers and the three in this jug make the centre piece on my coffee table.

My coffee table is also home to a framed black and white postcard of the Brussels skyline that reminds me of the four months I spent in the Belgian capital. And a photo board of a mini break the boyf and I took in Madrid together.

Evidently, the coffee table is strewn with candles. I am a firm believer that candles make everything look better.

Do you treat yourself to fresh flowers? Or do you have a special someone who treats you?


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One Response to Home Sweet Home

  1. I sometimes get free flowers from the sainsburys driver which is good. 2 weeks ago I got a gorgeous huge 10.99 bunch and a smaller 2.99 bunch, it saves them throwing them away and certainly keeps me happy, but there are only 3 drivers who bring them out apparently as the others say they feel silly giving women they don't know flowers on their doorsteps!

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