Hello Mulberry!!

The debate about bloggers receiving samples and freebies has been at the centre of some controversy for quite a while now. In the US bloggers have had to disclose if something has been gifted, although the rules surrounding this have been a little difficult to decipher at times: there are a couple of interesting posts about this very subject on IFB, here and here. In the UK it is not quite so clear cut but the debate still rages.

There are those bloggers who refuse to receive or review freebies (and extend this to advertising) on the grounds of credibility. There are others who take every freebie offered to them with no real thought to whether or not they are the sort of thing that their readers might want to read about. And then there are still others who take the time to consider any offers that come their way and consider the audience for whom they write and then make a measured decision. This last group will also give an honest opinion about any freebie or sample.

I read an interesting post by the British Beauty Blogger which raised a different question: that of the relationship between PRs and bloggers. It seems that for a long time bloggers have strived to be taken seriously by PRs and that they – we – have worked hard to earn their respect but the British Beauty Blogger points out that whilst gaining this respect it needs to be returned. Bloggers can’t expect that they are entitled to freebies. Many of us work hard to create blogs that are credible. The respect has to work both ways.

For my part, I know that I would only ever accept something that I genuinely might think about buying myself. Or that I would lust after – as I’m not saying I would turn down something just because I couldn’t actually afford it in real-life (Hello Mulberry!!). My blog is about me and the things that I like and if other people like them too, then that is a bonus. When I was offered the chance to trial Reebok’s EasyTone Trainers – for example – I jumped at the chance. If I had been approached to trial running trainers I would have had to say no because – frankly – I don’t run. But – as I found out after a little research – the EasyTones are specifically designed for walking, which I do a lot of, right? Ok, maybe not a lot of, but you get the picture!

The debate will no doubt continue to rage but I thought that I would add my two-penneth. And maybe give you a little insight into my thought process behind any offers I get – both for my readers and for any prospective PRs (Again, Hello Mulberry!!).

More soon. Love, SG

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1 Response to Hello Mulberry!!

  1. I think that as long as you are receiving freebies of items that you are genuinely interested in there is nothing wrong with accepting them! 🙂

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