Disposable haute couture

Transfer tattoos were hot news on the Chanel catwalk earlier this year. Intricate chains and tiny double Cs adorned the thighs and necklines of the models.

They were an instant hit. And when news came that the tattoos would be sold in Chanel boutiques and Selfridges in the spring there was almost immediately a waiting list.

Whilst the tattoos worn by the models in Chanel’s catwalk were painstakingly hand painted onto thighs and necks. The transfers were sold in packs of 55 designs for £49.

This is disposable fashion at its best.

Gaia Geddes, executive fashion and jewellery editor of Harper’s Bazaar, explains: “The tattoo has long lost its tacky associations. Wearing a fashion tattoo is the ultimate fix for label-lovers: they can literally brand themselves in double Cs. It’s a sort of extreme, conspicuous consumption – tongue-in-cheek, of course. Karl Lagerfeld is the master of the quirky must-have and he’s managed to make the tattoo look cool in a way that makes the label accessible. Coco probably wouldn’t approve – but, then, isn’t that the point?”*

Even at £49 it was still a little steep for something quite so temporary. Imagine, then, my delight when I found some imitation versions in the Topshop sale:

The only dilemma now is: where to put one first? And which one?!



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  1. Harriet says:

    Cute – I love the bird!

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