Something for the Weekend #1

A long time ago now I did a list of 10 fashion-related films. Now I bring you my picks of television series from over the years that have influenced fashions, good and bad. So why not pick one of these boxsets and settle down with a nice bottle of wine this weekend and relive some of television’s favourite fashion moment?


Never seen it but I do know that the power shoulder pads caused something of a stir and inspired many women in the ’80s and since to imitate the trend.


Now this I have seen – again and again and again! Some of the outfits may look a little dated now but Rachel’s hairstyles over the years certainly inspired many girls and women to ask for a copy. “The Rachel” is said to be one of the most popular hair cuts of the ’90s:

Sex and the City*

What do I need to say about this that I haven’t already said here and here?! The fashions of Sex and the City continue today and if Asos is anything to go by and their whole collection of SATC-inspired fashion, it remains an inspiration today.

Ugly Betty*

No question really: set in the publishing house of a fashion magazine and following the story of the unlikely and very unfashionable heroine, Betty. It takes a look at what it means to fit in and how clothes can aid that.

Gossip Girl*

When I ran my Blogger Style Icon series recently 3 of them (Harriet, Glamorous Grad Student and Leia) chose Blair Waldorf – off of Gossip Girl – as their icon. The fashions of the leading ladies have influence a new generation of television watching women and girls, from Blair Waldorf’s preppy look to Serena van der Woodsen’s immaculate elegant style and Jenny Humphrey’s more experimental take on fashion. There is something for everyone in each of these.

Which television series has inspired you? Have I missed any out?

Have a happy weekend. More soon. Love, SG

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One Response to Something for the Weekend #1

  1. laura emily says:

    Absolutely Fabulous for sheer eccentric fashion in the style of both Patsy and Edina.

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