To friendship

I haven’t said all that much about my Sex and the City 2 experience – despite having seen it three (yes, three) times. Like Amy Thomas of God, I Love Paris, I liked – and in parts even loved – the film but it hadn’t really inspired a thorough analysis and dissection with the girls after watching. But then I read Amy’s post and the one referenced by her – here – and I suddenly started to appreciate it a little bit more.

It is the friendships and the strength of these and the strength that these provide that really make the film for me. The scene that really stands out, for me, was that between Charlotte and Miranda in the hotel bar when they confess the difficulties they face as mothers:

I don’t have children and don’t profess to understand the challenges that come every day with being a mother but did feel that this scene was heartfelt and yet still keeping a sense of humour at its heart. Both of the girls drew strength from each other and it demonstrated that old adage: a problem shared is a problem halved.

For all of the fashions and loves of the Sex and the City girls, it is the friendship between Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha that really cemented the television series as a favourite of women – young and old – across the globe. There is a part of each of the girls in all of us and in all of our friends – we recognise something in them and we connect to that.

Indeed, as Carrie says, “…friendships never go out of style”.

Which does bring me rather neatly to the styles and fashions of SATC2, as no review of the film on a fashion blog would be complete without a little commentary on this. Some of the outfits are perhaps a little far fetched, stilettos in the desert, really? But others are simply divine. The Halston Heritage pieces that Carrie wears are simple, chic and elegant:

Set, for the most part, in Abu Dhabi, the fashion tends to be geared towards the hot weather which makes it the perfect inspiration for the current summer weather and upcoming summer holidays. Carrie’s maxi dresses have certainly fuelled my own longing for one [remember this?].

There is also the nod to ’80s fashion, which has seen a revival in recent years, with a series of flashbacks:

For more fashion from the film and the television series check out Style Icon: Carrie Bradshaw and check back in the coming weeks for the other SATC girls.

Sex and the City 2 might not have the strongest of storylines and there was certainly not enough of New York for me but it will definitely remind you of all of the friends who enrich your life and who provide you with strength every day.

So to all of my friends – old and new – thank you. I think I’d drink a cosmo to that… To friendship.

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3 Responses to To friendship

  1. Confession time. Carrie's 80s outfit? That was me 22 years ago my friend… *hangs head in shame*Great post!

  2. Ah, I simply adore you for this post. To friendship!! 🙂

  3. All of the reasons I love SATC. Friendship never looked so fabulous.

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