Mani of the week: No 7 Pillar Box

I love this colour. It is the most true red I have found. The best part? It only needs one coat to fulfil its colour potential which saves time. Two coats do help it to last longer, of course. 

My only problem with painting my nails red is that it does rather restrict my outfit choices as I can’t really wear anything with pink in it.

What do you think of this colour?


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2 Responses to Mani of the week: No 7 Pillar Box

  1. chiara says:

    I'd say – wear whatever you want: if you are wearing pink, the red is an unexpected "wrong" touch in the perfection of your outfit. It's like – a "disturbing" element, not to be too matchy-matchy

  2. beewaits says:

    Red nails go with everything. I love this red, it's almost got an orange tint to it. I tend to go for more plums or deeper reds, so I like how bright and vibrant this

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