Let it rain…

For days the weather has been balmy and most un-British and then this morning we pulled back our curtains to that old familiar friend: the rain. It might be familiar but somehow after a couple of weeks absence it seems alien and is certainly unwelcome.

The first thought that flashed through my mind when I saw the ominous rain clouds this morning was: what do I wear?

Dressing for work in the summer poses many challenges as it is without the added pressure of the wet weather and warmth combined. You might remember this post – How to… Dress for Work in the Winter – but I have yet to write a post for summer work wear much less one that takes into account the prospect of the British Summer and its rain.

I find that in moments such as these, what to wear on my feet is my most pressing concern. An umbrella will most likely keep the rest of me reasonably dry but my feet have no such assurance. I saw one tweet this morning which read: It’s make or break time. Boots v pumps. Chucking outside! But could get nice later! Precisely. The weather can be so changeable that what seemed like the right footwear in the morning is completely inappropriate by home time.

Today I’m looking for your suggestions which I will then make into a new “How to…” post tomorrow. So, how’s about it? What do you put on your feet in this weather?

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1 Response to Let it rain…

  1. laura emily says:

    I usually put on a pair of pumps, or if casual some Converse. Saying that, i have seen people wearing flip flops in the rain- one way to keep cool and not ruin any lovely shoes!

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