After recently professing my love for Carrie, I have to confess that she is also the influence behind my addiction to accessories. Carrie Bradshaw is the queen of accessories: corsages, pearls, cuffs. She rocked the lot. Of course, she also rocked hats and hair accessories. See?

With this influence in mind when I received an invitation to my cousin’s wedding last weekend and when I heard that my sister was planning on wearing a rather enormous and fabulous hat, I decided that I too should seek out some form of head wear. So I did.

After much research and many hours spent trawling the internet, I found this gorgeous creation:

Isn’t it divine?

Well, it is actually the handmade creation of Claire:

After receiving the beautiful fascinator I decided to ask Claire a few questions about them and her. Here, she answers those questions.

How long have you been making these gorgeous headbands?

I have only been making my hair accessories for the past few months. I am a firm believer that every girl has the right to feel gorgeous, and something as simple as a pretty hair accessory can offer a little pick-me-up on the days when we’re feeling a bit low, as well as helping to enhance an outfit.

What prompted you to start making them? And selling them?

I felt that the price of hair accessories at certain retailers were far too expensive, and that I could offer a more cost effective alternative, especially in light of the current recession.

Where can we get our hands on your creations?

At the moment, I only sell my items on eBay, under the name of olliethecockerspaniel – named after my beautiful pooch. This particular headband [the one I bought!] is currently available at a cost of £5.50 plus P&P, and is my bestseller!!

Have you always been creative?

I have always been creative, I took Art & Design for my GCSE and A levels, and went on to study a foundation degree in Art & Design also, in which I specialised in Fashion Design and Photography. My career then took a different route, but my passion has always laid in the creative field.

Who do you imagine would wear your headgear?

When I first started selling my items, I was quite dubious as to how popular they would be – I like them, but wasn’t so sure that everyone else would like them too! To my surprise, they have become extremely popular, and I have now sold over 400 of them to people all over the world and, more recently, to women attending Ladies days at Ascot!!

What is your style?

I wouldn’t say that I had a particular style as such, and my boyfriend often says that I pretty much have my own style. I don’t tend to follow trends just because they’re fashionable, but opt for items of clothing that I like and feel good when I’m wearing them.

And finally, cos I’ve been asking everyone recently, who is your style icon?

My Style Icon would have to be Jennifer Aniston, because she always appears to be effortlessly glamorous, and has very much a natural beauty, which is what I am a huge believer in.

And last but not least, what is your top style tip?

So, my top style tip would be to encourage people to wear whatever makes them feel most happy!!

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