My Shop Pulse Personal Stylist

The lovely girls over at Shop Pulse relaunched their site yesterday and it now comes complete with a Personal Stylist on hand for all your styling needs! In the interest of research I decided to give the Stylist a go.

It is so easy to use. You fill out the form (below) and await the response:

I told my Stylist:

I’m looking for an outfit for my graduation next month. It is my second graduation and I was a little conservative with my first graduation outfit four years ago – a black dress with a white shirt over it. I need something to attach the cape to at the front (like the shirt last time) but don’t really want a shirt, or a shirt dress! I’m petite but don’t tend to wear very high heels as I can’t walk in them!! Thank you 🙂

I filled out the other sections of the form and sat back and waited.

Within less than an hour I had a response: an email from the lovely Natalie and this attachment:

I just love the dress from Asos and am considering snatching it up right now. It is so professional and efficient and just what I was looking for. Thank you so much ladies. I’ll be back!!

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2 Responses to My Shop Pulse Personal Stylist

  1. Milly. says:

    I love this new feature – I sent mine in earlier this morning. So excited for my response, no doubt it'll be great! Love your blog btw, no doubt will follow it closely!lots of love x

  2. Amy CT says:

    That looks amazing! I shall definitely be using it! 🙂

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