LUST LIST: bargainous basics and sexy staples

Whilst watching Gok’s Fashion Fix last night I noticed him use a vest from Tezenis. Where, I hear you ask? Tezenis. They are a budget Italian lingerie store. Every girl knows that the Italians do lingerie better than anyone else.

When I lived in Italy I lived in a town where the cheapest store was Benetton – you can imagine how expensive everything else was! Then Tezenis opened. Most of my underwear for my year abroad and after was from there.

And now they have two stores in London!

From fabulous bargainous basics to sexy staples at a snip Tezenis has your underwear needs covered.

How gorgeous is this lace and hearts bra?

Or what about this dotty bandeau bra?

I will definitely be paying the store another visit when I’m in Italy again this summer and maybe even next time I’m in London! If you’re in either place, make sure you check them out.


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