The Fashionista’s Firm Festival Favourite

Festival season is upon us and Glastonbury is just days away. The British summer is littered with music festivals. The question is, which one to go to?

I have just discovered one that I think I would love to go to: Vintage at Goodwood. I spotted it on Topshop’s blog this morning.

It is three days of vintage-inspired music, shopping and living.

Goodwood is set to be the fashionista’s favourite festival this summer, as not only will there be fabulous vintage-inspired music from , there will also be Vintage catwalk shows three times a day and the largest Vintage fashion bazaar in Europe with over 320 purveyors of fashion and accessories. The Vintage Marketplace will seamlessly blend couture labels with prêt a porter and street style from the 1940s through to the 1980s. And there will be something for everyone with prices running from just £5 to £500.

Whilst there is the usual camping option, there are numerous other more quirky places to rest your weary head at Goodwood: from old-style Gypsy caravans:

to the luxurious Hotel Bell Tent:

which includes:

♥ Concierge service with a dedicated telephone number for general assistance and random requests

♥ Breakfast in bed and your choice of newspaper delivered to your tent each morning

♥ Unlimited use of the refreshment tent – serving tea, coffee and cool drinks all weekend

♥ Posh loos for during the night

♥ Dedicated locker with robes and slippers provided for the trip to and from your ‘campsite’

♥ Pressing service, shoe shine and hairstylist in Locker rooms each morning

♥ Laundry service

♥ Dedicated transport to and from the site throughout the weekend.
Now this is the sort of camping – or glamping, as Goodwood have called it – that I could get on board for! Of course, you do need £2, 000 to stay but I’d say it would be worth it, wouldn’t you?!
If you’re off to Glastonbury this weekend or to any other festival this summer, be sure to check out River Island’s festival essentials and my recent post for British Style Bloggers.

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One Response to The Fashionista’s Firm Festival Favourite

  1. Milly. says:

    This is such a great post.I already knew quite a lot about the festival but you've done it justice & I love that you've looked at the living options in detail ;]I'd love to go but can't do the dates this year.I am off to Latitude though! x

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