New shoes!!!

I just LOVE receiving parcels. It can make an otherwise dull day in the office suddenly bright and happy.

Yesterday such a parcel arrived!

There is a bit of a story behind this parcel which I would like to share:

Not so long ago I ordered a pair of sandals from the shoe emporium that is Spartoo but when they arrived they were a little tight around the toe so I sent them back. Now, I should add, that not long after I had signed up to Spartoo it was my birthday and on that day they gave me a gift voucher. Not bad. Then when I returned the sandals I was given the option of a refund or a gift voucher to the value of the shoes PLUS 10%. So I took that option and duly ordered a these shoes.

And so yesterday, they arrived. And here they are:

I love the colour for summer and have been after some patent shoes for an age now. Perfect.

* Apologies for the rubbish photos – they were taken on my Blackberry! The colour in the last one is probably more true.

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