LUST LIST: man bags

I love a good man’s bag myself and these two – by Gary Butterfield, University of Northampton – are no exception. The minute I saw them on the catwalk I wanted one of these. Big bags are essential for me as I tend to end up carrying my entire life around with me in it!

On that note, I have been looking for a while now, for a new laptop case for my little baby! Currently, I throw it into a sleeve and then into whichever handbag I am currently using. But I feel that it would be far more appropriate to encase it in something more like this:

Whilst researching for this post I came across the Mulberry for Apple collection, of which this Bayswater Sleeve for Applemac. There are some 19 items in the collection – any of which I would be quite happy with! (If anyone out there is listening!?)

Of course, for a slightly more affordable option and keeping to the original theme, I also found this rather lovely men’s laptop bag by All Saints:

What do you use to keep your laptop safe when you’re out and about?

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1 Response to LUST LIST: man bags

  1. Ah, Mulberry for Apple sounds divine. I have never brought my laptop out of the house – it's fairly new; thoughI have a standard black laptop case to keep it safe from harm!Love your layout!! 🙂

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