Graduate Fashion Week

I think it finally time to show you some of the other photographs I took at the Graduate Fashion Week Gala show. This was designed by Roya Hesam’s of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, who won the International Award. I love the way that the chiffon falls and moves.

I nearly didn’t have any photos at all: In typical style I was in a rush when I dashed home from work to change, chuck camera, Oyster card and whatever else in my bag and head out of the door to catch our train. Only as we got on the bus to the train station did I decide to check that the memory card was in my camera. It wasn’t. Damn. To my stylish sis this was not much of a surprise: apparently, I have always been a little forgetful and disorganised. Moi?! After a quick – ok, pretty prolonged – debate with myself – stylish sis refused to get involved – I decided it was not worth the risk of missing the train by jumping in a cab back to the flat to retrieve the forgotten card from my computer.

Once on the train I sent a little plaintive tweet out into the world: Oh no! Forgotten my memory card for my camera! Got the camera but no card! What will I do?! On way to #graduatefashionweek!

No sooner had I sent my little tweet out into the world, than I had this response: GEcamerasUK @sugarandspiceSG Visit Stand G114 and say Carole from the office said you could have one of ours – any probs, ask them to call me. 🙂

Therefore without further ado, I must say a huge thank you to GEcamerasUK for the SD card. It was so very kind of them.

For far superior photos than I could ever take of these outfits by Ludmila Maida of Northumbria University, check out those taken by Polka Dot of Street Style London here and here.

You might remember the photographs of the designs by Alex Newton, Northampton University from the other day? Here is another dress from his modern romantic collection in silk.

Below are three of the designs from De Montford student, Anna Lee’s winning collection of bold and brash animal prints in a mix of velvet and silk. Lee took home the Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Award.

I had a fabulous time at the event. A huge thank you again to GE Cameras.

I’m off for another glass of Pimms! Hope you’ve all had good weekends.

More soon. Love, SG

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1 Response to Graduate Fashion Week

  1. GECamerasUK says:

    Great photos! Thought the De Montfort stuff was stunning and not at all surprised that Anna won a textiles award. We kept looking at the photos the De Montfort students took of this and boggling at how she created them.Superb!

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