I write a fashion blog… And I’m proud of it.

Over the months that I have been blogging, I have read a fair few posts about the dilemma over whether or not to tell close friends and acquaintances about your blog. I completely get this dilemma and have had to deal with it on a number of ocassions. But it feels so silly to be embarassed about writing a blog, particularly one that is relatively well received, as I hope mine is!

I guess my embarassment comes from a notion that writing a blog is a little geeky. I also feel that many of my friends have been privy to some of my worst fashion fauz pas and therefore wonder how they will react to the idea of me writing about fashion!

Of those who I have told, most have been supportive and particularly those who have taken the time to read this blog. They know who they are and I just want to take a moment to thank them! I’m not sure how many of my real-life friends are regular readers as, despite attracting readers, my blog doesn’t seem to generate many commentators. So readers, real-life friends and blogging friends, say hi, if you’re about!!

I think there is also a little bit of an underlying worry that *other* people will view writing a fashion blog as a little frivolous. I work in an office where I feel I would be seen as a bit of an airhead if they knew I wrote a fashion blog on the side. But I think this is wrong. So many of the blogs that I read on a day-to-day basis are written by strong intelligent women whose careers and studies are as far removed from fashion as is possible – Polka Dot Style makes this point here too.

Writing a fashion blog is just one part of my life, in which I am also a politics post grad student (I graduate next month – eek!), a PA for a politician, a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter, a friend, someone who enjoys to travel and to speak other languages, someone who enjoys reading old classics and historical novels, someone who loves to cook and enjoys eating even more, someone who has terrible taste in music but still enjoys going to gigs with the boyf to watch bands she’s never heard of! Fashion doesn’t rule my life but it is a part of who I am, I enjoy shopping (a little too much) and love to get dressed (most of the time!) and love to explore my style. I don’t think this is soemthing I should be ashamed of or embarassed about.

So there it is. I write a fashion blog, of sorts. And I am proud of it. And if someone doesn’t like it, that is not my fault. I hope that doesn’t sound conceited.

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27 Responses to I write a fashion blog… And I’m proud of it.

  1. Helen says:

    Hello! I found your blog as you left a comment on mine…I've been writing my blog for about 18 months now but in the last couple of months it's finally become what I want it to be… a fashion blog (of sorts). Most of my friends know that it exists but very few read it.x

  2. Miss Galino says:

    i have told a few (like, two) of my friends, that i have made a blog where i show my sketches to the world, and they are happy that i have finally done something about my love of designing. but i haven't told them the address, and i haven't told others, for one very simple reason – they are not interested in fashion and, quote: "do not understand it." which i find impossible, but so be it.i think you have done a wonderful job with this blog, and i wish you great success! sincerely,Miss G.

  3. Scarlet Owl says:

    Know the feeling.. I've literally just started my blog and asked my boyfriend for help taking the photos but cringed when he insisted on reading it afterwards. I have no idea why it should be something I'm embarrassed of; I think you're right in saying it feels a little geeky!

  4. For me personally, personal style blogging (what I do) feels a little self-indulgent sometimes, but my friends who know about the blog have been super supportive (at least to my face – ha!) so that makes me full less like a total nerd.Aside from friends, what about family? I had only told my brother and sister, who, of course, then spilled the beans to the rest of my family … but actually, to my surprise, they are all loving my blog and are keeping up with it. They also like to offer me suggestions – ha!And scarlet owl, my husband was like, WHAT do you want to do? when I first asked him to shoot pictures, but now he is totally into it. He even scouts out shoot locations. I love it.X

  5. Emily says:

    I won't tell my friends about my blog either. I try to convince myself that it's a separate part of my life from friends, but really I think I am embarrassed… Thanks for your honesty!Emilyhttp://stylishdistractions.blogspot.com

  6. Flora says:

    I don't have a fashion blog, but I get really shy and embarrassed when family and friends find out about my personal blogs. And I think this is natural; we're writing from a very personal space.Thanks for the great post!

  7. Sutton says:

    i feel ya! my friends think i am crazy ~ but i am over it!! blog on sister

  8. Kb says:

    Great post, I'm always horrified when people I know find my blog as it seems quite self-indulgent, but it's no worse than the photos I put on Facebook. I think it's nice to release this side of myself, rather than boring uninterested friends about it.Kb from I Want You To Know

  9. Bianca says:

    I have sort of the opposite problem. A blog would be very well embraced by friends, family and co-workers. Its the fashion part that might get me the blank looks. Sigh. Ah well.

  10. nookie says:

    hi:)I'm proud of writing a fashion blog too, and all my friends now about it. If they are my friends they should support me, right? And my blog is older than some of my newest friends:))

  11. I loved that post, related to so many of the points you made. I haven't told my friends rather let them discover it for themselves but I am hesitant to say that I write one for the reasons you wrote. But for me its an outlet where i can write about something else in a more free form than i am able to at uni. Great post!

  12. Erin says:

    You stated everything so well. I have the same dilemma. I don't think I'm ready for everyone to know!

  13. Harriet says:

    I definitely feel you on this. I work in a very un-fashion-y job, and have a lot of friends who aren't that bothered by fashion, and I am sometimes a bit embarassed like you say by the frivolousness and self-centred-ness of writing a blog about what I wear. I have started to come of of the blogging closet though, and at least three friends and my mother read my blog on a regular basis, and are really supportive of it. I've been surprised how un-judgemental people are once you actually tell them! I still wouldn't tell anyone at work though, I keep that life very separate.

  14. I've told a few friends about my blog but, as far as I know, only two read it consistently. It's unfair that fashion enthusiasts (I don't like the term "fashionista" much) are generally considered airheaded shopaholics, but what's a girl (or guy) to do?~Melaniehttp://threadstyle.blogspot.com

  15. It was interesting to read your post because I actually never thought that writing a fashion blog could ever be considered a negative thing! For me, fashion is art and art is beautiful. Yes there is something a little self indulgent about blogs in general but I don't think it is specific to fashion. If clothes, colors, and style make us happy, there shouldn't be any shame in it! I bet your colleagues will surprise you by being more supportive than you give them credit for when they find out about your secret identity. Have fun and be proud! Love,A

  16. Stel says:

    Completely agree with this post. My Boyfriend knows about my blog (he helped me design it) and he reads it every now and again. My family knows I have one, but thats it. My friends and work mates don't know. I'm too nervous that they will judge me for it. As silly as that sounds!!

  17. Shopgirl says:

    Thank you for all of the comments – love to read them all.Mentioned to the boyf this morning about all of the boyfriends/husbands who are asked to take outfit photos and he said that there should be a support group!! Haha! Think that might have to be the topic of another post…!Helen – Yes, I am getting there too on letting my friends know.Miss G – thank you for your kind comment :)Scarlet Owl – yes, it took me a few months to tell the boyf about it and I still cringe when he's says he's been looking at it!!Fashion Butter – I think that is exactly how it feels – self indulgent. Lucky you on having a husband who embraces it so much. I have to catch the boyf in the right creative mood!Emily – maybe try telling one or two? You might be surprised! I have a few who are so very supportive and that makes it even better!! :)Flora – yes, I suppose it is a very personal thing. Sometimes it feels s bit like the journals I used to write in my teens – I would be mortified if anyone ever read them!Sutton – yes! Thank you :)Kb – I feel like I've found friends who are interested in the blogging community – which is even better!Bianca – I think it is the fashion thing as well as they blog thing that embarrasses me. But I think, what the hell, I'm happy!Nookie – yes, you are right – they should be supportive and I totally think it is my issue, not theirs.House in Tillford – thank you for your comments. Glad you liked the post.Erin – as I said above – try a few friends to start with. My sister was the first person I really told and she was so supportive!Harriet – yes, like you, I will be keeping my work/blog lives very separate for now!Melanie – I'm still trying to work out if this is my issue – that I THINK people will think I'm an airhead or whether they actually will!?365 Fashion Rehab – I think you're right. Everyone I have told have been very supportive. For the most part!Stel – As I said, I still cringe when the boyf mentions he's been reading. But also as above, why not try telling one or two friends – it is nice to have that support from good friends.So… another post on the boyf/husband outfit shot dilemma!!Thank you again for all of your comments šŸ™‚ xx

  18. I'm proud I've a blog… all my friends and family know about it and it has happened that people I know (but not too well) have come up to me asking me about it or telling me they came across it (I've a link from my facebook page to the blog) and that they love it. Anyone who is gonna judge will but I don't care… At least I'm doing something other than just college ya know…And through blogging I have met some of the most wonderful people and I'm glad.I'm a fashion blogger and proud!

  19. My blog is linked to my Facebook page so if people want to see it, it's there šŸ™‚ I think people can think you are an airhead for writing a blog(especially a fashion one!) but all the people who read it seem to like it so that's all I need šŸ™‚ Maria xxx

  20. Lauren says:

    Good for you! There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Simple pleasures like dressing up deserve to be celebrated. Keep up the great work:)

  21. Christina says:

    Awesome post, I know how you feel when I first started blogging I was shy about talking about my blog. Now I don't mind talking about it the only ones I really shy away from are my co workers. I work in an insurance company and feel that they wouldn't really understand. I do insurance for job but I would really love to turn fashion into a career. But you have a great blog and wonderful posts! Christina http://hazeleyepersonality.blogspot.com/

  22. roni says:

    I feel so sorry for the poor guys that get dragged into becoming personal photographers for females who wish to post their outfits. lolback to the matter at hand. everyone knows I have a blog, it's the equivalent of a business to me and I take it very serious. Alot of my friends read my blog on a regular basis, and sometimes I include posts about them, congratulating them on really big moves or if they tell me about something I will definitely credit them.I usually shy away from saying blog, unless I'm in a setting with other bloggers, it gets kind of sticky and people tend to ask alot of questions. I usually say I own a fashion SITE, because my blog/site isn't a blogger or WP.

  23. Lilly Rose says:

    Hi =)You made a good point here. I hesitated over 6 months before I told my friends (which are all not at least interested in fashion)…they received it better than exspected and some of them read my blog now regularly. But still, I am careful about whom I give my blog adress.Lilly ^^

  24. Q.B says:

    This is a entry that i can totally understand i have this same issue with being shy and not wanting my friends to know that i have a blog i told my bestfriend about it the other day and she blew it off i told her to go check it out she blew that off as well some people will never understand my love for fashion and what it is to me its my therapy …putting things together and daring to be different does something to me. for as long as i could remember i have loved fashion and wanted to pratake in it some kind of way it went from wanting to be a model (to short) to designing my own clothing line (cant sew or sketch to save my life) to wanting to be a buyer for stores, to wanting to be a image consultant and personal stylist to the stars… i wondered where do i start how do i get my name out ther and blogging was the first thing that came to mind! im not a good writer but to give ppl fashion advice & give them ideas on how to put together looks im good at that!! I will get the writing down pack down the line!! im new to blogging but i plan to make a career out of it and a list of other things ..This was a great article!!xoxo QBhttp://www.jadorefashion.com

  25. Kelly says:

    This is a really great fashion blog! I love your writing.

  26. You are right, the same happened to me two months ago. Now some of my friends who weren't suposed to be interested in fashion are my best fans!!LA MONA SE VISTE DE SEDAwww.lamonasevistedeseda.com

  27. Dreed*Tea says:

    Hi I can totally relate! I've always loved putting outfits together and I run my own web design business and was always so confused how to run separate identities online and not mix business with fashion blogging. I'm also new at it and feel a bit exposed and silly of all these pics of me modeling clothes for the world to see! It's something I wouldn't of been able to do even just a year ago but something about turning 30 has made me realize life is just too short and I better do something like this while I still can! It has been a great outlet for me to express creativity and has made me feel alive again. I was very depressed before starting the fashion blog.

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