Postscript: How to… dress like a Parisian

After my “how to… dress like a Parisian”, I thought I would write a little postscript of my observations from being there.
Trends of note:

Trench coats. Everyone, everywhere was wearing them. Thrown on in a devil-may-care manner. Très chic!

Heeled ankle boots. Mainly little cowboy-style ones with a bigger than normal heel usually teamed with tights or skinny jeans.

Awaiting photo!

Navy and white striped tees. Traditionally French. And definitely still in vogue in the country of their creation.

Silk scarves. Thrown on and casually tied. Add a little splash of colour.

Source: Le Look 

I ♥love♥ all four of these looks.

Not quite hitting the spot – for me – were:

White (skinny) jeans. There were a lot of French femmes sporting these. Not a good look. And so impractical.


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One Response to Postscript: How to… dress like a Parisian

  1. Alba says:

    Navy and white striped tees? No way! I totally thought that was a cliche! Everything looks so posh and classy, tres chic, non? I'd have to disagree with you on the white skinny jeans though; I own a pair myself, they're not see-through at all (which I usually find to be the main problem with white bottoms most of the time) and also, they're the perfect size (read: no muffin top!). They go really well with long tunics and shirt dresses :)xo

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