How to… turn holiday tat into a chic accessory


I don’t often do DIY posts (in fact I’m pretty sure that this is the first). It’s not that I don’t love the idea and I love blogs that do them but my DIY projects never seem to be all that successful. Until now. I realised that maybe I was overstretching my creative skills. So – if like me – you like the idea of customising but lack a little of the practical skills, here is a project for you!

When I went to Paris last summer I spotted these Eiffel Tower key rings everywhere but it was only at the end of the holiday that I picked one up. They are a little tacky maybe but only 50 cents! I hate any clutter on my keys though so haven’t got round to using it when I thought it would make a rather chic pendant. Here are my four (very) easy steps for turning a tacky tourist key ring into a fashionable accessory:

1. Take one key ring. A chain in a similar colour (I found this one in Primark for £2). And a pair of pliers.

2. Remove the “charm” from the key ring.

3. Remove the “charms” from the chain.

4. Loop the ring through the chain and pinch closed with the pliers.

Voila! Now wear it with pride.

I think I might have to pick up a silver one when I’m in Paris again this weekend!

On a side note, how much are you all loving the sunshine we’re having right now in the UK?!

More soon. Love, SG

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2 Responses to How to… turn holiday tat into a chic accessory

  1. Oooooh I like….and Paris motif is really in this summer aswell so this is perfect :)Laura x

  2. annabelle says:

    thanks for the tip! actually going to attempt it.. seems like DIY even i can do! also, just added to your blog to my favourite blogroll links, on realising your updates are ones i always click through to! elle x

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