Any recommendations..?

I’m off to Leeds this afternoon for said hen party (see Wednesday’s “How to..” post!).

Anyone have any recommendations for anything I should see?

Anywhere I should shop?!

Have a fabulous weekend, whatever you’re doing.

More soon. Love, SG

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4 Responses to Any recommendations..?

  1. Rachel says:

    Havey Nics darlin' x

  2. LadyOracle says:

    If you're into vintage, there's a shop called Blue Rinse by the Corn Exchange. If you're feeling a little decadent, head to the Victoria Quarter and look at all the expensive shops!Harvey Nics has lots of nice make-up counters (plus a man who will open the door for you!)

  3. COAFE Amy says:

    DEFINITLY see the Victorian Quarter and arcardes. They're so beautiful – everything is horribly expensive, but the whole place is just GORGEOUS.If you have time, go to see the Town Hall. Traditional, northern civic architecture that you don't tend to see anywhere else.I'm sure there's more, but when I'm in Leeds, which is surprisingly often, I tend to live at the West Yorkshire PLayhouse. Or in Primark. Whatever ;)xxx Amy

  4. PinkBow says:

    i love leeds, hope you have a fab time!

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