Tuesday’s Tricky Trend: Jumpsuits

Love it? Or hate it?

Have your say. Will you be wearing this tricky trend?

Want to know how to wear a jumpsuit? Glamour did their dos and don’ts of the jumpsuit here.

If you have missed any other of the posts in this series you can find them here.


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2 Responses to Tuesday’s Tricky Trend: Jumpsuits

  1. Harriet says:

    I just really don't like them I'm afraid. They look great on models (what doesn't?) but me? Not going to happen, I jsut don't find them flattering. Fair play to anyone who manages to pull it off though!

  2. Sparx says:

    not a hope… I've always fancied a really flattering one but can't quite imagine what it might actually look like…

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