The little things…

It is often the little things that make the most difference. Indeed, it is often the little things that add up to make one the happiest. A couple of blog posts caught my eye recently…

First, Topshop’s post about Gisele Scalon’s second book, The Goddess Experience, which I have just bought and in which Gisele shares her top ten Goddess experiences (more on these shortly).

And second, Cafe Fashionista’s latest Why Don’t You…? post. I adore these weekly posts which are always beautifully written and so elegant in their suggestions!

Both posts talk of penning an old fashioned letter, something which I still do – despite the invention of email and its reliability and speed.

Taking a leaf out of Gisele Scalon’s book I decided to pen my very own happy list. And here it is for you to see.

♥ Post. I love to receive post (except for bills, of course). A carefully chosen greetings card or a hand-written letter give a personal touch that is sorely absent in an email. As a result of this, I also like to send mail. Afterall, it’s rude to expect others to send it and not to return the favour.

♥ Statement jewellery. The bigger the better. I love cocktail rings, pendants, strings of pearls, chandelier earrings. Anything that will dress up a simple outfit normally fits the bill.

New shoes. I am breaking in a pair today. Nothing feels better than that feeling of slipping your feet into a brand new pair of shoes, stiff and smelling strongly of leather.

New… anything! I love getting dressed and having to rip the tags off every item of clothing before putting it on, from the lingerie to the jacket. It feels so frivolous! There is a delicious scene in Priceless where Audrey Tautou’s character is doing just this.

The warmth of spring. It’s not warm exactly but it’s warm-er than it has been and you just know that spring is around the corner, albeit a rather large corner. But when the sun does shine it reminds you for a moment what it feels like to be warm again.

Books. New books which have not been opened yet. Old books which smell like all of the people who have read and loved them before me. Books I haven’t read yet with their treasures to be discovered. Books I have read over and over again.

Taking photos. Either with my digital camera, my beautiful old SLR or with my retro and dying Polaroid. Photos make wonderful memories and can be used as a simple, yet thoughtful gift.

My family. My friends. My boyf. Not necessarily in that order! The people around me make my life happy and worth living.

People watching. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and watching the world go by. Having someone to do it with makes it even better.

The sun. I am convinced that I suffer from SAD every time we have a grey and overcast day. Which is often in Wales. The sun makes me happy. It can be freezing cold but as long as the sun is shining I am smiling! Bring on the summer!!

I could go on for many more than ten. But I think that is enough for one day.

What makes you happy, dear readers? How about a giveaway? Enter my Alice In Wonderland giveaway to make you happy…

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  1. I love writing, walking in the sun, curly red hair, chocolate cake and cappuccinos, a night in with my two favourite people; my best friend and sister, and I love people watching too!

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