On days like this… I wish I was in London!

Cardiff is a capital city, why can’t we have the same fun as London?

Check out the fun you can have if you’re in London over the weekend. Highly recommend popping into Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Circus to join in the fun and games!

There’s even a how to blog workshop taking place!

I’ve been hearing lots of good things about WAH nails recently and now, here they are, at Topshop’s ‘LFW week of fun’ (as I am now calling it!!).

I love these nails below. They do some pretty amazing designs but to be honest I think they look great on some people but I’m never sure I really pull them off, so tend to go for more subdued designs. You can check out more of their designs on their blog, here.

If anyone is in London this weekend, for LFW or any other reason, have a good one!

More soon. Much love, SG

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One Response to On days like this… I wish I was in London!

  1. Style Eyes says:

    I know exactly how you feel. It takes me 40 minutes even to get to Bristol. I miss out on so many fashion events that I want to go to, loads this weekend. Oh well I suppose there are so many other benefits to living where I live, likes its cheaper and …

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