Come Out To Play…?


I have never really been much of a fan, if I’m honest. Some people manage to pull them off but they never really appealed to me.

Until now.

I spotted this little beauty on the Dorothy Perkins site earlier today. I love it and think it would be perfect for a summer picnic or even for work with a pair of smart pumps.

Having discovered that I do like playsuits afterall I decided to have a quick look for any others that I might like. I found two others:

This one from Topshop:

And this one from asos:

What are your thoughts/feelings on playsuits?

More soon. Love, SG

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2 Responses to Come Out To Play…?

  1. Madame G says:

    Personally, I love the look of PLaysuits, but not the practicality. It's all good until you need the loo… All-in-one suits are a nightmare, especially ones that zip all the way up the back. If you do manage to get out of it yourself and safely keep it off the toilet floor, then you've got to try and zip it back up again all by yourself. More hassle than it's worth me'thinks.

  2. Rachel says:

    I love playsuits too but my first thought, just like Madame G is needing the loo….

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