To Spring: 10 things I like about… Spring!

O thou with dewy locks, who lookest down
Through the clear windows of the morning, turn
Thine angel eyes upon our western isle,
Which in full choir hails thy approach, O Spring!

The hills tell one another, and the listening
Valleys hear; all our longing eyes are turn’d
Up to thy bright pavilions: issue forth
And let thy holy feet visit our clime!

Come o’er the eastern hills, and let our winds
Kiss thy perfumèd garments; let us taste
Thy morn and evening breath; scatter thy pearls
Upon our lovesick land that mourns for thee.

O deck her forth with thy fair fingers; pour
Thy soft kisses on her bosom; and put
Thy golden crown upon her languish’d head,
Whose modest tresses are bound up for thee.

(William Blake, 1783)

I am fed up with the cold weather now. Snow is fun but relentless cold is tiring after a while. I’m bored of tights and boots and knitwear.

I thought I would put together the 10 things I am looking forward to most about Spring in the hope that it might make me feel a bit better.

1. Warmer weather. Obviously.

2. Longer days. Lighter evenings.

3. No need for hats and scarves and gloves (and tights).

4. Pancake Day (next week!!) and Easter eggs!

5. New spring summer collections which make me dream of summer holidays.

6. My birthday is approaching!

7. Blooming flowers and blossoms.

8. The beautiful light. Perfect for amazing photographs.

9. Another Sex and the City film is in the offing!!

10. Summer will soon follow spring.

What are you looking forward to about spring?

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