Style Icon: Sarah Brown

Gone is the frumpy housewife of old and in its place is a fashion savvy woman who has learnt to dress for her figure and educated herself on designers to boot. The tranformation of the Prime Minister’s wife, Sarah Brown, has certainly catapulted her into the style stakes.

I admit that I am not Sarah Brown’s biggest fan but I do admit that the makeover has been quite remarkable. And good for her.

Sarah shows women across the UK that they can look good if they find the clothes to suit. Indeed she looks absolutely radiant – and stunning – in the Erdem dress she wore to introduce her husband at the Labour Party Conference last autumn (top right).

She also looked positively glamorous when presenting David Tennant his award at the National Television Awards (top left with Mr Tennant!).

If you have missed the previous style icons featured on the blog, check them out here.

Tell me, who is your style icon?


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4 Responses to Style Icon: Sarah Brown

  1. I have been waiting for this post, as I have read your others on style icon. I wondered if it would work for her, and unfortnately I don't think it does. Her problem, is not what she wears, or her shape or her make-up or hair, she just doesn't look comfortable so whatever she is wearing just looks wrong.

  2. Shopgirl says:

    I know what you mean! But I did think she actually look good at the NTAs! But unfortunately she always look uncomfortable in the photos!

  3. Oh hi mr tennant, this = happy rachel.She is rather iconic

  4. laura emily says:

    She looks fabulous, I loved the Issa dress she wore to the NTA's.

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