Je vais à Paris!!!!!

I might not have studied much last night but I did book flights to Paris in May. I know it is a looooong way off but I am so excited anyway.

I visited the French capital for the first time last summer, after years of dreaming of it. And I immediately fell in love with its beauty and magic.

Anyway, less than four months to wait! I leave Friday 14 May!!!

And now only 8 days until the dissertation has to be handed in and I am freeeeeee!!

More soon. Love, SG


Rachel: Thank you for the good luck wishes. The dissertation is examining the perception of the relationship between the media and public participation in politics by the political class. I have no idea either!!

Polka Dot Stripes: Does Charlotte sound lovely? Wishing her all the very best for LFW!!!

Ella: Love Alexa’s style and didn’t really know much about Jane Birkin but love her’s now too and totally see the similarities!

Kayleigh Ann: Good luck on your move. Checked out the blog – v cute. Will definitely check back. Yep, also can’t wait to see what Charlotte’s been working on!

KC: She was cute as a button, no?!


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3 Responses to Je vais à Paris!!!!!

  1. Oh Paris, I'm hoping to go there next year and ofcourse stop off at disneyland!And Of course Im sending my best of luck to you with the disertation, how far along is it not?

  2. Amy Claire says:

    Yay! :)And good luck with the rest of the dissertation, honey! X

  3. kc says:

    I'm so jealous. I've never been to paris but it's one of my dream cities. Incidentally, I book a flight to Vietnam for May. Not exactly paris, but a holiday is a holiday

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