10 things I like… about heels – by Hannah!!

When deciding to write a flats vs heels post I knew that I could easily write in favour of flats but that, while I can see perfectly well the beauty in a pair of high heels, I wasn’t sure I was the right person to write in their favour. I know that Hannah was.

So here are Hannah’s 10 things I like about heels!!

1. They lengthen your legs and make you feel slimmer.

2. Makes me feel more glamorous.

3. They’re very girlie.

4. They can improve your posture – they make you stand up straight (no need for books on your head!).

5. They get you in the mood for partying!!

6. They come in all shapes and heels sizes – stilettos/wedges/kitten and boots/sandals/courts/shoe boots!

7. There are so many many gorgeous designs!

8. Shoes like Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo are iconic!

9. Carrie Bradshaw would never been seen dead in flats, so why should any woman?!

10. Did I mention how BEAUTIFUL they are?!!


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