Flats vs heels: the age old battle of the shoes!

I am a perennial flat shoe wearer. I should make that clear from the start.

But I adore high heels. They always look so beautiful and glamorous and sexy. I just can’t walk in heels. No matter how hard I try.

In the following series of posts I will tell you the “10 things I like about flats” and Hannah – who I styled back in November – will tell us the “10 things she likes about heels”.

Here, I will give a brief history of the heel. That beautiful – yet frightening – creation!

The battle of heel heights is one that goes back many decades. It came to a head last summer when a British firm banned women from wearing high heels at work and was quickly vindicated in their decision by a quote from Trade Union bosses saying, “High-heeled shoes should be banned from the workplace because they are sexist and pose a health and safety hazard”. In spite of the seemingly patronising comments, just days later Selfridges announced that sales of flat shoes were up by 20%. Not only that, designers – such as Christopher Kane – were seen using flatties in the catwalks.

Flats are back in vogue ladies!

Despite their longevity, flats are not alone in having been around for many centuries. I decided to have a read and find out when the high heel was “invented”. Well, I have discovered that it was as early as 1533, when the diminutive Italian wife of Henry II, King of France, Queen Catherine de’ Medici, commissioned a cobbler to fashion her a pair of heels, both for fashion, and to suggest greater height for her wedding.

It is a subject which has divided – and continues to divide – women around the world. I won’t give too much of the arguments in favour of either as that would be spoiling the later posts. But, tell me, which do you prefer?

Flats or heels?

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3 Responses to Flats vs heels: the age old battle of the shoes!

  1. Rachel says:

    Definitely a flats girl, although until I was about 27 I wore heels every day. Even in the snow. I'm not sure what changed. My feet couldnt' take any more I suspect!

  2. Difficult to choose as I wear both, obviously not at the same time. Flats for day, heels for the evening. I hate to sit on the fence but it is just impossible to say which I prefer. I just loves shoes xxx

  3. kc says:

    I'm 5'2. I need heels! Back in college I forced the issue and wear heels allthe time (I didn't even own a pair of sneakers) despite the long walks from class to class and building to building. Since I've started working flats started to creep in my wardrobe. They're cute but they can't evoke the feeling of femine power and womanly spohistication the way a pair of sky high heels does.

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