Thank you

There has been much written on various blogs since the festive season about the “lost” art of writing thank you cards. I remember as a child how writing my thank you cards after Christmas and my birthday was a ritual that was drummed into me. As I have grown-up (sort of!) and flown the nest I have realised that it is polite to say “thank you”, particularly when someone has given you a lovely gift. And I also know how much I love to receive something in the past that is not a bill so imagine that others feel the same joy at receiving a card.

Anyway, I digress. The art of saying “thank you” – whether it be in person, in the shape of a card or even, in this day and age, by text message is something that I believe is quite simply, the right thing to do.

I have said thank you to all of my readers before and all of you lovely people who leave me lovely comments that make me smile. Indeed I even wrote my New Years’ Resolutions for this blog. Well, I have another to add. After reading Notes by Naive, I realised that it is not only polite to say thank you for the lovely comments I get but that it would be even better to reply to them.

So, 6. I will try my best to reply to comments, in subsequent posts.

I shall start as I mean to go on.


polkadotstripes: It does seem like an odd choice but he is wonderful in the part – I think!

Rachel: No, I have always been to afraid to read the book – the film spooks me too much. But maybe I will try it. Just as soon as I finish my dissertation!


I hope you’re all having a more fun Sunday than me. I am studying. Again. I feel like all I have done recently is study and I still don’t have enough to show for it!

More soon. Love, SG

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  1. An absolute must to say Thank You, I completely agree xx

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