Shopping Ban: The End

It’s oooooooover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally. I can shop again. Six months. 24 weeks. Of no shopping. I had a couple of slip ups but on the whole I think I have managed ok. It is certainly a challenge I do not wish to undertake again any time soon but I am pleased to have done it. All those months ago it seemed like such a long time! In order to make sure that I don’t go mad now that the ban is lifted, I have set myself:

10 Shopping Commandments:

1. I shall not turn to my credit card for clothes.

2. I shall budget and stick to it.

3. I shall save for that much coveted item.

4. I shall not buy in a hurry.

5. I shall go home and if I still want it tomorrow then maybe I’ll get it.

6. I shall buy classic and investment pieces.

7. I shall not dash madly through Primark grabbing armfuls of clothes just because it has a price tag under a fiver – and I shall remember that it all adds up.

8. I shall continue to love the clothes and shoes I already own.

9. I shall carefully decide what is missing from my wardrobe and stick to this list when out shopping.

10. I shall not be tempted by a sales sign.

When I started this ban six months ago I had a couple of reasons for doing it;

1. To save money – for a deposit for a house and to finish learning to drive before I’m 30!!

2. Because I was fed up with being told that I “have too many clothes”!! And was intrigued as to what was actually in my wardrobe – the stats say that most women only wear 10-20% of what they own, so maybe I can start wearing some of the remaining 80-90% of mine!!

Well, I have managed to (re) start learning to drive and will hopefully be passing my (second) driving test sometime in the first half of 2010. The house deposit part was maybe a little ambitious but I have proved that I have the will-power to not spend spend spend and when we do decide to start saving, I will be able to!

As for the second reason; I have certainly had to stretch my wardrobe to its limits and have found things I had forgotten about. It has also shown me where there are gaps in my wardrobe and hopefully, I can fill them over time without going mad on things I don’t need!

Today, I did end up in town and found myself dashing through the sales like a mad woman!! But I was good and only spent the money I’d been given for Christmas – so not even any of my own!! It’s like I haven’t even shopped yet!! Haha!!

I’ll post my bargain finds a bit later.

Love, SG

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1 Response to Shopping Ban: The End

  1. Aww Emily go make up for lost time sensibly! And dont turn your back on fantasy shopping now!

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